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Europechain appoints Gimly to develop self-sovereign identity app, My.D

Jillian Godsil
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“This will be our killer app allowing easy access and full one-time KYC across the entire environment.”

— Rhett Oudkerk Pool, Europechain CEO

Europechain, the GDPR-compliant enterprise blockchain platform, has appointed Gimly to develop its self-sovereign identity app, My.D.

Gimly is a product research and development company which helps its clients leverage blockchain, IoT and other new technologies for their business needs. Founded by Caspar Roelofs, a product developer and solutions architect, the company pushes for meaningful innovation through synergies, and maximises collaboration to build on the strengths of clients, partners, and community.

Gimly’s first step was to conduct research in international standards surrounding self-sovereign identity and decentralised identifiers. Early research evaluated the benefits and costs of following W3C standards on SSI, verifiable credentials (VCs), and decentralized identifiers (DIDs). This is key to ensuring the My.D app is portable, interoperable and future proofed as the standards are still in their infancy.

Gimly has now moved into the development phase of the project working on EOSIO operating system as the best blockchain to suit the My.D app.

Rhett Outkerk Pool commended the work achieved to date: “Here at Europechain we aim to provide enterprises the possibility to launch private and private and permissioned blockchains and blockchain applications that are fully GDPR compliant by design.

“Europechain own inhouse applications currently available for use on Europechain will use My.D, Fact, Gift Vouchers, and a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The thinking behind My.D is to produce a standardized, secure and GDPR compliant login portal to be used by all current and future Europechain applications and enterprise operations. This will be our killer app allowing easy access and full one-time KYC across the entire environment.”

Despite current COVID restrictions, Gimly is on target to produce its first version of My.D by the second quarter of 2020.

Roelofs believes cooperation is key to agile software development. “Why reinvent the wheel when someone has already come up with a partial solution? Once we finished our rigorous evaluation of the W3C standards we were able to partner with a number of very polished companies which sped up our development and testing.”

My.D will include a Digital Identity for users and enterprises, a secure and sovereign data-vault for personal and identifying information and give access to a Europechain account by means of email and password.

Europechain is a GDPR compliant blockchain platform. Powered by the EOSIO protocol, it is managed and governed by experienced block producers registered in the European Union. Europechain brings together an ecosystem of technology providers, system integrators and commercial partners, enabling global enterprises to deploy scalable, resilient and EU compliant applications.

Simplify Access with Gimly

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