#Decentralized Identity
#OpenID for SSI

Decentralized Identity (SSI) Wallets

Caspar Roelofs
min read

SSI Wallets are one of the essential components that make self sovereign identity possible. An increasing number of SSI Wallet apps are being released, each with slightly differing feature sets. This post is intended as an evergreen overview and comparison of SSI Wallet apps. If we discover a new one, we'll add it here. If you've developed an SSI Wallet app, feel free to make a pull request to this repository to get added to this list.

Trinsic wallet by Trinsic

Esatus wallet by Esatus

Lissi ID wallet by Lissi

Gimly ID wallet by Gimly

  • Wallet: Coming soon
  • By: Gimly

Jolocom smart wallet by Jolocom

Selfkey wallet by Selfkey Foundation

Connect.me wallet by Evernym

Data wallet by Igrant.io

Gataca wallet by Gataca

Talao wallet by Talao

Simplify Access with Gimly

This demo shows how Gimly Tap to ID technology can be used for a reception-less check-in use case in hospitality.