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#Tap to ID: SSI-NFC

One Year in Blockchain

Caspar Roelofs
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Today is Gimly’s first anniversary. After more than a year of preparation filled with market and technology research, proposition validation, and networking, Gimly was registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam on August 12th 2019. Time to recap some of the most exciting highlights.

In the first year, Gimly has become actively engaged in one of the most exciting blockchain powered transitions towards Web 3.0, and self-sovereign identities (SSI). Gimly is proud to be the development and implementation partner for MyD, Europechain’s digital and sovereign identity solution. More recently, Gimly was selected with Off-Blocks and Sphereon for eSSIf-lab, the European self-sovereign identities (SSI) innovation programme. With Sphereon as a tech partner, Gimly is excited to further explore the opportunities that implementing decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs) in SSI solutions can bring to businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Gimly’s other focus area is connecting physical worlds and digital blockchains. Gimly is proud to be supplier and implementation partner for Tangem made-for-blockchain NFC microchips. In collaboration with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Tangem, Gimly is even providing all participating teams of Odyssey Momentum with free developer kits to integrate in their SSI and other solutions. Gimly received a Lisk builders grant to implement the Tangem chips in asupply chain solution, and is also working on new supply chain solutions as part of the Odyssey challenge by KLM on compliant air cargo flow. And of course, one of the earliest projects connecting physical worlds and digital blockchains has been Lisk.Bike with Blockchain030 and Bart Roorda.

Of course, there also was – and is – the corona crisis that brought so much uncertainty across the globe. In light of how severe some of the personal tragedies and economic downturns many people and industries has been and continues to be, Gimly feels blessed that much of the activities in the blockchain industries have still continued. It even opened up new opportunities for innovation and collaborations. For example, Gimly has partnered with Emerge to tailor their Civitas public response to a Covid-19 triaging and telemedicine solution, and is selected to be promoted by EuroScan to 29 EU countries as part of the #unitedagainstcovid19 programme.

Overall, it has been a year full of exciting projects and valuable partnerships. Gimly is thankful to be working with so many inspiring business, partners and communities, and is looking forward to what’s ahead. It is through collaboration and with the effort of eco-system builders such as Lisk Center Utrecht, Blockchain Netherlands , the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, and Odyssey that we can come to meaningful innovation together.

Simplify Access with Gimly

This demo shows how Gimly Tap to ID technology can be used for a reception-less check-in use case in hospitality.