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Introducing Gimly: Navigating Blockchain Innovation Context

Caspar Roelofs
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With Gimly, my experience as a consultant and academic researcher in science and technology innovation is merging with my personal engagement in what I consider to be the most inspiring and disruptive emerging technology of our current time: blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is unique from so many other proclaimed disruptive technologies, because it evolved not around commercial or scientific interests, but around societal values: trust, accountability, privacy, autonomy.

I am happy to apply the knowledge- and skillset that comes with the field of innovation studies in a technological field with such values that I can personally subscribe to. With my background, I have learned to appreciate the importance the context of innovation. Understanding the drivers, interests, and values of stakeholders, and accounting for social, economic, and political realities are essential in creating blockchain solutions that matter.

The technological opportunities for blockchain are here. When exploring the blockchain industry in the Netherlands and abroad, one will find inspiring startups and highly skilled developers that are working on the most amazing blockchain solutions in, for example, logistics, supply chain, provenance, asset tokenization, and contract management. Recent developments in NFC and RFID chips, internet of things (IoT) devices, and artificial intelligence provide the connection between the physical, digital and machine worlds that is so important for blockchain technology to reach its full potential.

The social, economic, and political opportunities for blockchain are also here. Consumers are increasingly socially aware, demanding transparency in the goods they buy, and calling on corporations to take up their social responsibilities. Companies are looking for better and more secure ways to collaborate and conduct business, and to inspire consumer confidence. And while governments around the world are still finding their way in putting regulations around cryptocurrencies in place, there are plentiful funding opportunities for blockchain innovation — particularly in the EU.

Indeed, most recent Forbes articles, and McKinsey and Deloitte reports subscribe; the time is here for businesses to get ready for blockchain technology in order to remain competitive within their industries. What this means for each company or organization — be it familiarizing themselves with the technology and its possibilities, allocating a small part of their budget to blockchain proof-of-concepts, or implementing the first fully scalable pilot projects — will differ greatly per industry and per company. Whatever the aim, Gimly is ready to guide these clients on their blockchain journey.

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This demo shows how Gimly Tap to ID technology can be used for a reception-less check-in use case in hospitality.