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EOSIO Identity Group Kickoff - April 12th

Caspar Roelofs
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Gimly is excited to start the EOSIO identity working group WG (Twitter #eosio_id)! This open working group (WG) will promote and foster the ecosystem development for interoperable identity solutions using EOSIO technology by creating and implementing W3C conformant open standards on self-sovereign identity (SSI).

Gimly has been working in the SSI ecosystem for over two years, closely with the Decentralised Identity Foundation and Sphereon, and has been the core development partner of Europechain for the creation and implementation of the MyD sovereign identity portal. We are working with the European self-sovereign identity Framework lab and Ontochain as part of the European Next Generation Internet initiative, and building an SSI pilot with KLM/DHL to improve cargo supply chain.

From our experience with Europechain and knowledge of the EOSIO ecosystem, we are excited to bring our experiences and allow EOSIO identity systems to participate in the larger SSI ecosystem. We see this as a pivotal technology to allow enterprises and governments to safely and ethically manage identities and data exchange, and an enabling tool for blockchain and non-blockchain applications.

Please join us for the kickoff event Monday 12th April 2pm GMT / 10 am EST open for all interested in identity on EOSIO!

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  • What joining the WG means
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The first piece of work we will be proposing for the working group will be the finalisation of the EOSIO DID method (the first piece of the SSI tech-stack). This can be used by #EOS, #Telos, #WAX, #Europechain, voice.com and more to create self-sovereign identities. The 2nd meeting on of the WG will start planning the DID method. To progress this work item, we have already created a full draft of the EOSIO DID method which we will release next week. As part of this work, we have submitted to W3C a new cryptographic material type called Verification Condition needed for EOSIO DIDs.

Stay tuned to the Gimly Twitter and Linkedin where we will announce the EOSIO DID method and the following WG meetings!

Gimly is hiring!

Gimly will be participating in the eSSIf-lab second infra call with our connector for using NFC smartcards in SSI solutions AND we will be conbtributing to the NGI-ontochain project with a self-sovereign datavault and identity management panel.

For these projects and ongoing work with clients, we are looking for a new mid-level full-stack developer as well as a senior product development manager. See the jobs below and if you know someone interested we will be happy to hear from him/her!

Simplify Access with Gimly

This demo shows how Gimly Tap to ID technology can be used for a reception-less check-in use case in hospitality.